Thinking About Segregation and Integration
An Interactive Scientific Exploration Using Models

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Schelling's original publication:

Schelling, Thomas C. 1971. "Dynamic Models of Segregation." Journal of Mathematical Sociology 1:143-186.

Seeing Around Corners, an April 2002 Atlantic article by Jonathan Rauch about "artificial societies", including information about Schelling

Schelling's Segregation Model, information and a smaller applet

Schelling's Spatial Proximity Model of Segregation Revisited, paper at the 2003 meeting of the Society for Computational Economics

Migration Models, section of a draft book on Simulation for the Social Scientist, 1998

Schelling's Tipping Model, a free-standing program based on Axelrod (see below)

Resources for Agent Based Modelling, from Axelrod's Complexity of Cooperation Web Site

Agent Based Computations Economics and Complex Adaptive Systems, a directory of interactive computer demos, from the Agent-Based Computational Economics website

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