Sleeping Disorders and the I-Function

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Sleeping Disorders and the I-Function

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As we all know, sleep is an important part of our lives. Without the proper amounts and type of sleep, fatigue and other problems can arise. Generally, we can clearly distinguish between a sleeping person and a person that is awake. With sleeping disorders, the distinction between an awake person and a sleeping person becomes more intriguing. What is the difference, how does it relate to the I-function and consciousness? Each sleeping disorder has its own unique answer to this question. It is essential to understand sleep to fully appreciate it. However, many aspects of it remain a mystery. We do have some degree of understanding of sleep. Within our sleep cycle a type of unusual sleep occurs, REM sleep. During this cycle the periods of REM sleep are interspersed with slow wave sleep in alternation. Each period of REM sleep (there are usually 4 or 5 periods a night) lasts for approximately 5 to 30 minutes. During these periods a sleep paradox occurs. An enormous amount of brain activity takes place; this is sometimes even more activity then when awake. This clearly indicates that sleep is not simply to rest our mind and not to think. So, during this period our brains are extremely active, yet there is usually no input or output. During this period, along with the random eye movement (REM), there is a complete loss of muscle tone. Essentially, at this point, the motor system is paralyzed (normally the body inhibits any movement). The autonomic nervous system also alters its behavior. The regulation of body temperature is lost and the blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rates shows increased variability. REM sleep can be detected by measuring the electrical activity of the brain with an electroencephalogram. At this point, the EEG will show the same pattern of activity as when the brain is awake.

It is fascinating that at this point, REM sleep, where dreaming is frequent, the body shuts itself down. If, as suggested in class, the I-function is active at this stage, it is interesting that all body movement is inhibited. During other stages in which there are synchronized EEGs, and the I-function is not supposed to be present, the body does not inhibit all motor activity. This seems to imply that when the I-function is present it will control the body as it sees fit. One of the more ubiquitous parasomnias is sleep talking or somniloquy. This disorder is characterized by often nonsensical or difficult to understand verbal vocalizations during sleep. The person may carry on conversations and seem to speak as if they are awake. This is not constrained to a specific stage of sleep; it is present in REM and NREM. Regardless of the stage of sleep, this is an extremely common disorder allows talking. Frequently we talk during the day, utilize our I-function when talking and remember what was talked about. This is not the case with somniloquy.

Sleepwalking, known as somnambulism, is a very interesting disorder. The symptoms of this disorder, walking while asleep, occur during slow wave sleep, in the first third of the major sleep episode. People can vary in their symptoms, from sitting up in bed, to doing more complicated activities such as preparing a meal. In addition, there is difficulty in rousing the person from the episode and amnesia following the episode. Generally, the sleepwalker has a blank face and is unresponsive to efforts made by others to communicate with them. Sleepwalking is more common in children. It also seems as if children do not inhibit their actions as much as adults do. This poses the question Are we born with an I-function? Do children develop their I-function and because it is premature, they are more likely to sleepwalk? Could the I-function be present in these synchronized periods? Is that why adults do not sleepwalk as much as children, because their I-function inhibits the behavior? Does sleepwalking occur when the I-function is distracted and allows unattended behaviors to occur?

When sleepwalking is in its most severe form, episodes take place nightly and those that are affected are prone to physical injury. Sleep walking is not caused by a medical condition or the physiological effects of a substance. As a result of the episodes, sleepwalkers can feel embarrassed, anxiety, and confusion after learning of their sleepwalking. After an episode of sleepwalking, they do not report being conscious as they might be in a dream or in real life. However, the sleepwalker may seem to act as if they were awake.

Because overexertion and lack of sleep can trigger sleepwalking episodes, getting enough rest is suggested. Moreover, stress can result in sleepwalking. A calming ritual or relaxation exercises before bed may help. Since the person is walking around in their sleep and in the dark, removing dangerous objects and sleeping on the ground floor of the house is advised. Although, some individuals are able to navigate easily and safely through their surroundings without serious harm. Hypnosis has also been found as a helpful treatment for somnambulism. The drugs that have been found helpful include benzodiazepines, diazepam, or lorazepam. Older men are more likely to be afflicted with REM sleep behavior disorder then the general population. The newly discovered REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), is marked by complex and violent behaviors and an unawareness of surroundings. This is unusual, not only because it occurs during sleep, but because it occurs during REM sleep. Ordinarily, this REM stage of sleep is characterized by "REM atonia", which is muscle paralysis. These older men attempt to carry out "violent moving nightmares" which are characterized by attack behaviors, locomotion (particularly running), orientating and exploring behaviors (staring, grasping, head raising, reaching, searching, etc.), and a minimal syndrome of twitching and a jerking of the limbs and body. Could RBD occur because the I-function is active and the body fails to inhibit the actions as it usually does? The mind of the person would be conscious and the I-function would be active. However, the person does not receive any of the real input from his bedroom. The person simply ignores the input and generates his own internal environment which he navigates through in his mind and in real life. The person would be just like any one who is awake except seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, and smelling things that do not actually exist. To detect RBM, family interviews, polysomnographic monitoring, psychiatric monitoring can be used. In the people with RBM, the location of the disorder in the nervous system varied greatly. This indicates that it is not always found in the same location in the nervous system. Some people that are physically debilitated by a disorder while awake, become quite active during the night when their RBM occurs. Another way to detect RBM, is by using the electromyograph. This device detects muscle activity. If the muscles of the person are active during the period of REM atonia, then the diagnosis can be made (muscles should not be active during REM sleep).

The content of the nightmares that RBD people suffer from is highly unusual. Generally, they try to defend themselves or family members from an attacker. Rarely are they the primary aggressor, an animal or unfamiliar person ordinarily is. Moreover, the odd dream content is acted out by the dreamer while in REM sleep. Some people have sustained fractures in their ribs, digits, vertebrae, sternum, gotten bruises, lacerations, sprains, joint dislocations, cartilage tears, torn nails, rug burn, pulled hair, nose bleeds, and traumatic headaches. In addition, other people in the bed have been injured. Because of the accidents that can occur while acting out dreams, many people take desperate means to prevent injury. Some tie themselves to their beds, others use sleeping bags, pillow barricades, or padded waterbeds. Sleep can contain walking, talking, and even carrying out complicated behaviors as can be done when awake. Is the I-function present? In some cases, while asleep, the I-function is present (lucid dreaming). If it is possible to be conscious, talk and carryout behaviors while asleep, why is sleep so different from when we are awake and why is it so difficult to understand? In addition, if we can carry out all of these behaviors with out our I-function why do we have the I-function? It is interesting that the body normally inhibits any movement that is made while the person is sleeping. Is it to prevent any action without the I-function? Clearly, the I-function serves a purpose and may have a role during sleep. While sleeping the person can be conscious, have the I-function present and create a new reality that seems real to them, this seems like being awake except for the person determining the input.





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10/17/2005, from a Reader on the Web

HI, I have been talking in my sleep for the past year, constantly, I use to talk all the time, and then it stopped when I was diagnosed with Bi-polar disease. after 17 years the doctors took me off of Lithium and put me on Lamictal, which like a miracle drug. But, this is when I started talking again. I use to walk in my sleep but stopped when I was on Lithium. I actually ran out of the house and ran into our back yard, then I woke up! Kind of funny but scary. I also have had night sweats and terror for many years probably since my early 20's, I am now 60. I am glad to see talking is common, although I am very fatigued in the mornings. I also take Lamictal, Clonapin, zoloft in the evenings. Very interesting article. Thank you for this info. I feel better about it. Sincerely Victoria Kelley PS: Many years ago when I was in my 30's, I actually almost climbed out of a second floor window.

Additional comments made prior to 2007
Hi, Thank-you for the very interesting article.
I have only sleep walked on a few occasions but last night has to be one of my most scariest episodes.

I have only been home for a few days from Easter camping, and last night i thought (in my dream) that i was slill camping and i was walking around for my tent for ages as you do. Finally after quite a while i looked around the room and finally relized 'hey im not even camping, im at home' then relizing while looking around the dark room, 'I'm in the bathroom!' not only that but i was standing in my bath tub!!

A very funny thought, however i was very, very freaked out at the time!
Im only 15, and am scared easily, im hoping this sleeping walking does not occcur to often ... Laura Hanbridge, 19 April 2006



Hello, I am Paul, I live in Norway, Nearbo, I am student of 18 years old. I am very desperate to know what has been happening lately to me, I think I am possessed by something, someone... I dream this nightmare since one which craft game we played at one party at 2006 New Years Eve. I was supposed to be a medium, and we were calling a murderer's soul which was supposed to be the one man's who killed some girl 5 years ago in same town were we had celebration. During the process, people said that my voice changed and I talked in voices of unexplainable, perhaps the same murderers voice. After the ritual, I did remembered nothing, but my friends were most terrified and shocked, that this whole thing worked. Now about almost every week I am having a nightmare about that process of witch craft that I am possessed by something I can't control. When I wake up, I am still speaking in tongues I CAN'T CONTROL, as well as whole body! I can feel it, that I am awake, because my parents saw me once doing it and they think I lost my mind! I don't know what to do... I am going out of my mind, I need help, or advice! Anything! ... Paul, 11 January 2007



I've discovered my own sleep paradox, even though this is not anything most people haven't been aware of. In a nutshell, the problem is that we do not fall asleep while consciously thinking about sleep. We generally nod off thinking about other things.


I have never been insomniac but I have noticed that the more worried I might be about falling asleep (due to worrying about my performance at work the next day), the more difficult it is to fall asleep. This last week, I had a bout of sleep that was triggered by bad news from an ex girlfriend but then snowballed out of my own head.


I started to feel as if I HAD to be thinking about other things than my ex or sleep itself, to fall asleep. The harder I tried, the less capable I was. After two nights of 3 or less hours of sleep (despite sleep aides) and one completely sleepless nights, I committed myself to the emergency room. A doctor prescribed some sleeping pills and suggested that try staying awake until evening, at which point I take the pill.


A couple hours later, I started having a panic attack. In my exhausted state, I felt as if my future held a very strong depressant every night to sleep (one capable of overcoming my conscious objections to sleeping) or staying awake 48 to 72 hours at a time until sleep literally just overcame my body, whether I was driving or what. I would never sleep like I used to. The logic just seemed so air-tight: sleep is essential for life, but it is essential you not think too hard about it while trying to attain it. That humans have slept well for thousands of years has required them to NOT be overly aware of this little nagging fact. This has generally not been a problem for anybody because there are always more specific, timely concerns to think about while drifting off. Unfortunately for me, I cannot think of anything more timely or important than sleeping itself.


I went back into the emergency room and they could see my shaking, persperation and rapid speech. I handed over my clothes and gave blood and urine samples. I am happy that I was able to explain this paradox to a social worker and to the lab aide and to the nurse. A doctor who didn't see me prescribed lorazapam (for my nerves and to help me sleep) and a doctor whom I had seen earlier that morning had prescribed trazadone, an antidepressant and sleep aide. The aide also shut off the lights, gave me extra blankets, and encouraged me to try to sleep by thinking about a road trip. I tried but couldn't.


When it became time to go, I was given my clothes back and I brought my prescription to the safeway pharmacy. It took a very long time there and by the time I got home, the panic was beginning to build again. Even after taking the anti-anxiety meds and lying down, I could not sleep. I was losing my facilities, as at one moment a voice (indication that I was almost dreaming) said: "What if your name was like John instead of Antonio"? and compelled me to change my posture. I was almost asleep but my fevered, jealous consciousness took hold of me soon enough again. My panic grew to the point of wanting to be back to the ER and being given a general anesthetic.


At some point, I must have simply given up and inadvertantly started thinking about something else for just long enough for sleep to steal over my body. I slept for around 18 hours in a row, waking up about 5:00 a.m. the following day.


I feel great now but I have no idea what the future holds. Do I need hypnosis? could it help? anybody else have this problem? I still feel as if I will never see sleeping the same way as before about five days ago and that I face a lifetime of challenges with sleep ... AH, 21 July 2007



I have looked all over the internet for some type of information on this and have come to many dead ends. So I have decided to put myself out there and in hopes, someone can understand, offer advise, or has been there.


It starts off: This doesn't happen frequently, but once a month is scary enough. I lay down to sleep, and I find myself awake, fully conscience. Can add, multiply, speak to myself (inside my head of course), but cannot move or open my eyes, because I am asleep... technically.


Like tonight for instance. I had a dream that I was asleep in a car, in the drivers side, and when I woke (inside the dream) the car was moving backwards fast as if the parking brake failed, I looked out the passenger's back window and noticed that the car I was in barely missed a truck, but all of the sudden I knew I was dreaming, I said to myself in the dream, I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming!.. and everything stopped. So there I was ... stuck ... Charles, 17 September 2007


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I am scared I might hurt my partner

. Lately I have been having these dreams that I am being attacked by a total stranger and I naturally fight back to protect myself.
I when I awaken I am throwing full force blows or kicks at my partner. I was charging my attacker while dreaming on a horse at ful speed. When I came close to striking distance I swung off to one side of the horse and kick him with all my force. I woke up with my partner screaming at me and badly hurt laying on the floor.I was so scared because I had no idea I was actual fighting and hurting someone that I love. Im not sure if he believes me that I am not aware of this .I'm scared I might do some serious damage someday . I would never act this way in real life I am a very easy going guy and like most libra would never even think about physical Confermation with anybody.

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Frightened from my Girlfriend sleeep talking. GETTING VERY BAD!

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Woke up screaming there is someone behind me. Hormone change?

Submitted by Timber (guest) on Thu, 08/21/2014 - 3:37am.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a long time with the ups and downs, however, mostly downs lately. I am trying to bring them up by doing exactly what she wants, but last night we hit the tip of the iceberg. She never remembers what she says in her sleep and lately it has been memory loss without sleeping but she is very much fatigued, appetite, and mood swings like crazy, the latest constipation. I used to be an EMT so I know some signs of early conception because of hormonal change. I am the one with PTSD and Bipolar military related. Since then I have been a very light sleeper even with taking heavy sleeping medication. She talks and hits me sometimes in my sleep normally and snores, I am not bothered by that she says some off the wall things and I never told her some things she says is about her other guys and it hurts me. I used to have nightmares from the PTSD and I used to be yelling at people or screaming in my sleep or waking up in a sweat.
Now for the past few days I have not been with her but have noticed mood swings and I can never tell with her appetite because she is hungry and has low blood sugar, but for two weeks now the fatigue I severely have noticed. She is always tired and the mood swings are worse than mine and I am bipolar, however, she tells me she is very tired all the time and was even having hot flashes. I did some research on early pregnancy as a refresher, sure enough fatigue, nausea without vomiting, increased urination food cravings, cramping, dizziness with memory loss, but the latest is constipation. Now I wasn't aware of this one as it is related to hormonal changes, your digestive system slows down even if you eat a ton you will have constipation. She takes birth control but told me she missed a couple days and I knew some of these were related to hormonal changes especially the latest symptom constipation which causes your digestive system to slow down, and the mood swings, food cravings and increased appetite is hard to tell, although this would be early conception and there are no tender breasts that I know of but she was complaining about her back/neck yesterday, fatigue is severe, even zoning out and now the stomach.

AS a psych major with what happened last night I would be relieved if she is pregnant because this hurt me to the point I want her to see a doctor immediately. If she is not pregnant then there has to be a sleeping disorder but I was thinking it could be due to paranoia and or stress induced. I was very scared last night as I was asleep and we weren't cuddling as normal and she literally woken right up and sat straight up very quick and screamed at the top of her lungs and pointed towards the window "HE IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU WHATCH OUT!" I tried to calm her down as I always do and I told her sweetie you had a bad dream go back to sleep, but then she still believed this to be my fault and kept talking very rudely and it hurt me. I went and tried to sleep on the couch but couldn't. SHE BLAMED THIS ON ME and started arguing with me that it was all my fault and didn't make a lot of sense then finally after 2 minutes she yelled; "BULLSHIT GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BED." (Usually her talk lasts no more than 10 seconds and mumbles and goes back to sleep. This is when I went to the couch....she has yet to hit me or kick me hard enough, it is more like severe tremors and I know mental illness runs in her family. She works A LOT (too much, a lot of responsibility and I don't want to add to this, but it frightened me, I love her) and ever since our talk to save our relationship I have done nothing but be nice to her because I love her so damn much. At this point I don't know what to do. As you can see it has been three hours and a half hours and I can write this with a heavy dose of sleeping medication. Since the incident, I checked on her once, but I am not climbing in that bed. I still here her talking because I am wide awake on the couch but I will hope to God she remembers this. I am still on the couch and will have a sleepless night. There are a series of complications that this could be doing except I don't know what to do. I love her and will not give up on her, she never gave up on me when I hit depression, but this time it scared me as I was sound asleep, but can wake up very easy. So tired, but worried Please someone give me some input. Full time student sick of studying so late and tired, thanks.

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Hi I've never posted in a

Hi I've never posted in a forum before but just wanted to share with you what I have recently learned in case it can help you, having just experienced my first adult night terror recently myself. I hope it can help you both a bit. As I understand it there are two main types of sleep disorder; the one that occurs during REM sleep (the lightest phase of sleep) and the one that occurs during delta sleep (the deepest phase of sleep). REM sleep disorders, like sleep paralysis, are characterised by intense dreaming that you remember when you wake up, temporary paralysis and rapid eye movement. Delta sleep disorders, such as sleep walking, sleep talking and night terrors (the three of which are closely related), are characterised by the person being much more mobile or vocal, not remembering a thing when they wake up and being completely inconsolable during the episode because they are not really there. With either of these types of sleep disorder, the person is normally exhibiting a fight or flight response, whether they have had trauma in their life or not. I think it's quite clear she is having night terrors? These can sometimes be associated with mental illness, from anxiety or PTSD to personality disorders, but it often occurs in healthy people. Night terrors can actually cause people to develop depression and fatigue because they're not getting the proper sleep they need and, even though they don't remember anything, it seems like it's a very traumatic experience for them. Lots of things can cause it including low blood sugar, but for anyone who experiences night terrors regularly it's important to see a doctor. If she's not aware she's doing it, you may need to tell her. I don't know anything about pregnancy but that would be another reason to go if you suspect it.

I think it's important to not take her behavior when she's asleep personally because she is not herself or aware of who you are during the episodes (if it is a night terror). Also I think there is no need to assume it's part of a mental illness. Hopefully the doctor will assess if she is at risk in that respect. It may even be caused by stress if she knows your relationship is going through challenges. Also, if she is awakened while she is having a night terror, she will be very disorientated and probably frightened and still a bit asleep, which could explain why she thought that you were to blame for something - if she was even awake at all when she screamed at you.

Good luck and here is a bit more on night terrors if you are interested:

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I need an answer cos I can't stop thinking

Last night I sat on my soaf waiting for a txt. This morning I woke up to find my self on my bed next too my 15 month old daughter...since waking up I can't stop thinking how did I get from sofa to my bed y can't I remember how was my daughter also there when I put her in her cot. And y can't I remember a thing this has never happened ever to me I've never not remembered anything never so y...I'm 27. Also I can't stop think about all above until I get an answer. I'm female also.

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Anyone able to give advice please..It's been happening for a few years now but for some reason we can't figure out it has been a lot husband tends to over work at times and over exert himself.he does not have a regular job so is a laborer working not normal 8 hours. He works including travel time about 18 to 24 hours about 2 or 3 times a week.he only takes 2 to 3 hour cat naps in between.with only one night a week a full night of sleep.some times sleeping 8 to 12 hours in a given week.if lucky he will sleep full night 2 days out of a week.he drinks alcohol occasionally and smokes cigarettes on a daily basis.he is 39 years old.otherwise he been pretty healthy I know because we been married 22 years.wen he finally gets a night to sleep he has no trouble falling asleep, he falls asleep once he lays down within 5 that time he starts twitching and some times making little odd noises and sometimes starts to mumble things I can't understand.or at times speaks very clearly about things I have no idea of or don't make sense.there has been times also where he will wake me to have sex but I think he is coherent he is talking and all.if he says things that don't make sense I just say ok.we complete our session of sex and he says goodnight I love you yet the next day or when he finally wakes up for the day he is upset with me and says why do I do that to him.I say didn't do anything, I try to explain he initiated our sex session he gets upset says no he didn't.then he don't remember what he says or what we did but does remember not knowing who I was or why we are having sex because he is married .at times we would be in the middle of having sex he would just push me off say no who are you and push me away again turn around and fall day he recalled some of the incident but not much.he goes from sleep talking to not knowing me different nights it just varies.before it would happen once every 6 months to now happens like once or twice a month.Anyone can help please do.I am very concerned and afraid at what might b the cause of this behavior.thank you.

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I dream all the time mostly nightmares or crazy unrealistic dreams that dont make since but i can almost always remember . I have even had reoccuring dreams i can almost fully remember and I do this thing were I wake up in the morning then fall back asleep for a hour sometimes but if im dreaming before i wake up when i fall back alseep I pick up from were i left off in the dream and i dont even try to or even think about the dream before falling back asleep it just happens is that normal??

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I'm confused.

For about a year or more I've had this problem where I've been told I talk, argue, laugh, and cry in my sleep. If I'm sharing a room with a friend, or family member, they usually wake me up because it's freaking them out. But I don't dream. I don't sleep well in general either, and always wake up sore. I have anxiety issues, and I'm in my teens as well, which is a stressful time. I'm not sure if my anxiety plays in on it. Any hint on what's going on?

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need help..

i am having a long distance relationship..and almost every night me and my bf use to have a long conversation on call..its about a night before yesterday,he asked me to call and i did so.. he started talking about things we have already decided related to our future but totally opposite to what we have planned then he started yelling out loud and used abusive language.. he also mentioned that her mother was hospitalized for a day and she just got back home .. and then again started to say everything that was not really tolerable,also he wept and asked me not to leave him else he would die and hung up the call.. but yesterday he messaged me(like he use to do as usual) and behaved in a manner as nothing happened..when he found out that m not replying him,he called me,and as i started talking/arguing about the last night he went into in a state of shock cause he wasn't able to remember a thing.. when I mentioned him about what he told me about his mother he refused and said nothing happened to her and God knows why he said such a thing.. also from last 2-3 years he has been sleep talking once or twice in 3 months but that has always been quite evident to me even on call cause he talks nonsense at that time and i know that he will not be able to remember anything in the morning,but this time it was entirely a different case,a very different tone..I want to help him and i just cant ask him to consult any one(he might take it negatively)..kindly give some advice or tell me what it really is..

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Thinking all night, while sleeping.

So about 3 or 4 times a week, I can literally think while my body is resting. My body will be asleep, and my mind is basically having a conversation with itself. I often think, "I should wear this outfit tomorrow," or, "I need to get up and charge my phone." And I can even review my vocabulary words for school. In addition to that, I can wake myself up when I need to. For example. I'll think, "I need to charge my phone for school tomorrow," and then I'll wake myself up to do it. My body will be completely asleep, but my brain is still thinking. I am aware of what is on tv or what time it is, and I know that my body is asleep because when I wake up, i go through the entire process of waking up and stretching and recapping what I thought about all night, like most people do with their dreams. I also don't dream often, if that has anything to do with it. It isn't a fact of not being active enough either, because I practice 3 hours a day, 4 days a week with my school team. What condition do I have, if any?

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Sleep disorder or not?

For the last 5 years, off and on, I get told that I lift my legs in my sleep. I've woken up because I dropped them so hard on the floor that it was so loud. Last week I lifted my legs and dropped them on my friends face. I lift them straight up when I'm on my back or stomach and I lift them to the side when I'm on my side. I just want to know why I'm doing it and how I can stop it.

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Sleep disorder or not?

I have the same problem and not sure why. I wake my husband up most nights. I wake myself up when my legs slam down in the bed. Sometimes, if i fall asleep on the couch, my leg will raise and come off the couch and slam down on the floor.... frightens me every time. Don't know if there is anything to help or stop it sorry would like to know myself....

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Does my boyfriend have a sleeping disorder?

Lately my boyfriend has been saying and doing things that he says and does in his dreams. Like tonight he is currently having a dream of him bird hunting. He yells out "one bird" and then stops. Then he puts his hands in his pocket and digs around for something. He doesn't find anything so he puts his hand down his pants and starts scratching but he is totally unconscious.
I am really concerned about him. Whenever this happens I ask him what his dream was and its the same description of what I'm talking about. Him saying and doing things that are in his dream. What is happening to him? Is thus normal? Should he have to talk to a doctor? I really need answers so this stops scaring me and I can actually sleep.

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fully conscious while sleeping

i've seem to be fully consciously sleeping, i toss and turn and open my eyes every now and then, and still getting rest, felling groggy but that feeling fades, I do drink a lot of caffeine (energy drinks, and coffee everyday) i think that may be the reason why, - caffeine: hey body i'm caffeine u don't need to have a deep sleep stay awake. - body: okay.

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Remembering things that happened when i was sleeping

Hi my name is liz. I livein NYS. Some times when i stay at friends houses i fall asleep and can wake up and answer the question asked of me well asleep or join a conversation that occured when asleep. Its become kind of a funny game of my friends to do when i fall asleep. I had an insident when i was about 14 i was watch a show with my mom and had fallen asleep. when she had awoke me she said " you missed a good episode." and i said " what are you talking about i saw it and discribed in detail what happened and even what some of the character where wearing." my mom just looked stunded and said " how did you do that you where sound asleep and snooring?". Any thoughts on why i fall asleep so easily and can remember things that occured well i was sleeping.

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Sleep fighting

My wife says I've not only been talking, but I am yelling, hitting and kicking in my sleep. I wake my self up sometime when this happens. Most of the time I don't, and only know it happened when I strike the adjacent wall.The problem seems to be escalating. The other night she tried to shake me to stop my snoring, and that when she did, I hit her hand and twisted her wrist. She started to pack her bag the following morning. This morning she said I yelled and lashed out again last night. Luckily a pillow was between us. This time I vaguely remember dreaming being grabbed by the arm and reacting to the attack.

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I never believed my best friend when she said I move my legs when I sleep.. it happened every night I lay on my stomach and when I go to sleep I lift both of my legs up and down sometimes. Hard and itvmakes a big noise.. why?

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Has anyone stopped to consider....

Hi Everyone...

Well I have read every comment posted so far. And as a person who talks and can be coaxed into having whole conversations in his sleep I offer the following opinion from the other side of the fence.

Have any of you stopped to consider that when you are talking to and getting information from a sleeping person that you are at BEST mentally abusing that person, and at worst doing something that is tantamount to MENTAL RAPE?????

What the hell is wrong with you and why doesn't anyone see or understand that?

You have a person whose conscious mind is turned off, including all of it's filters and defense mechanisms. They are laying there and their subconscious mind is exposed for the world to see. Basically you have a mind that is as helpless and defenseless as an infant for all practical purposes.

They did not choose to be in this state,you have to spend at least six hours a day like that or you will eventually die. And the fact that you talk and converse is ABNORMAL! You do not have the mental wherewithal to even say 'no, that dress does not make you look fat at all darling'.

So, if you have tourettes Syndrome and you call your boss a fatass, it is a horrible affliction and deserving of sympathy and accommodation. But if you talk in your sleep, somehow it is funny. Even worse, it is seen as totally fine to go stomping around willy-nilly in someone else's mind while you probe around and extract information.

To me, it is DISGUSTING, REVOLTING and INSULTING that someone would have the gall and audacity to do that to another human being, much less one you claim to love!

Really, if I slipped you a big dose of GHB (gamma hydroxyl butalate) and did things to you while you slept either physically or mentally I could be and would be ARRESTED and CHARGED with assault! But if it is an organic defect that occurs during sleep somehow it is just fine and dandy.

Really, as far as I am concerned you might as well be water-boarding a person to get the information, because you are still doing it without their consent and circumventing the process of rational thought to get what you want.

It has to be one of the most selfish and thoughtless things I have ever heard of, and experienced firsthand I might add.

Did you ever consider that the person you are victimizing might have feelings? For one thing, when I realized what was happening I felt violated and disgusted. But even deeper I felt betrayed. And the person who did this to me was someone I loved and trusted. Think about this, you trust that person to lay next to them naked and defenseless for 8 hours a night. Really, why don't you just stab them in the neck instead of interrogating them while they are unconscious and defenselessness. Maybe afterward you can go kick a puppy and push an old lady down just for kicks.

And yes I have used a lot of harsh words and graphic imagery. And I even all caps'ed a few words. But that is nothing compared to the level of violation that the attacker exhibits when they prey on a sleeping person's mind.

I won't go into my situation in particular, save to say that my abuser gained the advantage of a mind reader for all practical purposes. They violated my trust in a lot of ways not related to my sleep. With the advantage of knowing my thoughts they quelled my suspicions and made me feel crazy for even feeling that way. I actually began to doubt my sanity AND felt guilty for holding suspicions in my mind.

Sure the little things seemed off and things didn't always add up, but every time I tried to scratch the surface to see if maybe I was right it was like someone was one step ahead of me reading my mind, because they were.

The day I realized what was happening it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I think I had a small nervous breakdown for about an hour or two. But the feeling of realizing that you are not insane was at least a little comfort.

So, next time you think you are going to have some harmless fun and probe around in someone elses head remember this:

What you are doing is wrong, morally reprehensible and just plain evil.

Thanks for your consideration and taking the time to read my argument.

Serendip Visitor's picture

sleep talking & acting out dreams

I need help or advice. Late last year I split my with my ex who is also the father of my kids. I was pregnant with our twins & he was physically abusive. I fell in love with the wonderful man that stopped his last attack. I have been in an off &on relationship with my hero since December. Unfortunatly in late Jan after my ex left from a visit with our son...out of frustrationand aggravation I accidently called my hero by my ex's name. I am not still in love with him & in fact I hate the ground he walks on but my kids come first. Since that god awful day my hero has accused me of still being in love with him. He says his name in one way or another all day. Constantly bringing him up & swearing my love can't just go away I've tried explaining that his abuse helped that love turn to hate. I spend all day trying to figure out how to prove to him that I'm over my ex &he is the holder of my heart. Now he says I've been saying my ex's name in my dreams and holding "happy conversations" & I never remember the dreams. Now he says that dreams are about your desires & swears I'm stringing him along & am in love with my ex. I am not...I AM TRULY IN LOVE WITH MY HERO. Lately during arguments he has said that I would to put it nicely "give anyone oral sex" I know this isn't true but this morning he woke me up & he was sincerely hurt because I was acting out oral sex in my sleep. I do not remember the dream or who was in it. He believes that I'm having fantasies of other people & that is what's causing the dreams. I can't control it & we truly love each other but he says he can't be with me knowing I dream of doing that & god only knows who I'm doing it too. I completely understand but I can't control
it..stop it...or remember it. I began taping my mouth shut last week. I think I'm really going to lose him...I'm scares to go to sleep...I'm scared to dream. SOMEONE...ANYONE...PLEASE HELP

Lisa 's picture

Sleep talk/Night terrors

Hello, and I completely understand and sympathize with anyone who has sleep talkin, walking, night terror etc. These are conditions that we have absolutely NO control over. I am sometimes embarrassed, when my friends and family tells me everything that my dream was about. Sometimes they try to conversare with me, and interfere with something that should be left alone by uneducated people. You can really harm someone that way. Also, everything that you hear us say is not always true. It is a DREAM.

Serendip Visitor's picture

sleep walk??????

hi i am not so sure if i sleep walk.. this is what happened, i play with my laptop for 3hrs and when i feel sleepy i went to bed and turned on my aircon, i set my alarm clock for 2am for me to turn off my aircon,..
the next scene i remember is that i woke up,i check the clock and its already 5am, i look at the aircon and its already turned off..there are other things too that it is in order that time, like the electricfan is turned on, it was off when i went to bed., my cellphone is beside me, even it was plugged before i sleep... it was so strange how i did it, because i cant remember a thing that it was me doinh those activity...pls help me..did i sleep walk? i am a police officer and i put my gun beside me bfore sleeping...why i cant remember a thing, i cant evenn remember if my alarm clock really woke me up to do those activty..

Serendip Visitor's picture

Weird dreams

Hey I've been haveing these weird dreams were dream that there's someone out side my door n wen i try yell out the window i can't talk or even move my arms and wen i wake up I'm not to sure if it's happened or not and also I've been finding myself waking up then saying something then falling back to sleep not too sure eats goin on?

Serendip Visitor's picture

lucid dream

Hello all,
I would like to share my most memorable lucid dreams. I too have trouble with insomnia, but no movement or speaking that I am aware of. However, I was woken by my wife(GF at the time) once due to laughing in my sleep. It was a silly dream in which I was working in a liquor warehouse (my job at the time), and we built a waterfall-type display. We were jumping from the top of the display into the pool below. It was quite fun.

Now, about the memorable dream,
I was about 22 years old when I had this dream. In my dream, I was at a friends house looking across the street into the 2nd floor of my house, which happened to be my parents bedroom. I saw a very unsettling "person" in my parents bedroom. He was a very dangerous.....thing. A very powerful man who immediately recognized the fact that I was looking at him. He was irate. He could somehow control people and they would do his bidding. He was ranting and raving and pointing at me, and his thralls started to cross the street to come after me. They came into my friends house and killed his mother, who was downstairs and the first contact for these people. I went out to the balcony and began to climb down as they killed my friend. I'm sorry J.R. I then ran up the street, my first impulse was to seek refuge at another friends house, but after the events which occurred at J.R.'s house, I moved on toward the highway just outside my development. I noticed a black tank heading down the highway in my direction and knew it was coming after me. I began to panic and somehow, mentally, I was able to control the destination of the tank. I caused it to crash into a ditch near the highway. After that, I ran into a bank and a very peculiar thing happened. An older black man in the bank turned toward me and said: "Be careful, He's after you. And he is very angry." I replied " I'm not worried; I can control them too." It was at this point that I became aware that I was dreaming, and that I could control the outcome of my dream. It was also the point at which I awoke, and remembered everything in full detail as I have just explained it you.

I cannot forget this dream. I am 34 years old now and I still see the images vividly in my mind. I still feel the chills when I recall the man raving and pointing at me. I have had many other dreams in which I was fully aware that it was a dream and was able to control it, but I can only recall two others in detail.

One dream was rather silly and also a bit unsettling. I was in a swamp buggy race. However, I did not have a swamp buggy. It was me against the swamp buggies. Whenever I dream, my legs do not work when I need to run, so I must use my arms to pull myself along. There happened to be a chain-link fence along the race course; very convenient for me. I began to pull myself along the fence, arm-over-arm, and pulled ahead of my competitors-far ahead. I found an old, abandoned house in a state of incredible disrepair in the middle of a tree covered section of the swamp. Curiosity got the better of me, and I began to explore the house. I got up to the attic of the house and there was an old, Asian man with his back to me. I approached him and when he turned around to look at me, I BECAME him. I immediately woke up and still remember this dream vividly today.

The last dream I can recall in detail is in regard to my time in the military. In the dream, we were deployed to Turkey and my unit was taken captive by the enemy ( Iraq). We were being ushered into a building that resembled the gas chambers we used during training. The odd thing was that I simply walked away from them all. None of our captors noticed that I was walking away. My legs would not work properly. They felt like they weighed tons, so I plodded along trying to find help for my unit. I was discovered by the enemy and taken back to the chamber. I walked away again, this time my legs felt even heavier than before, and the anxiety to help my unit was overwhelmingly stressful. I awoke once more, having no conclusion to this dream.

The key feature in all of these dreams is that I was aware of the fact that I was dreaming, however I cannot control things during all of my dreams, but I recognize the fact that I am dreaming. I find this to be incredibly interesting and a great deal of fun depending on the content of the dream. The only sad thing is when I cannot recall what happened. I can only say that I knew that I was dreaming, but I cannot remember what it was about.

Zanders Mom's picture

Cant remember comforting baby

It doesnt look like there's been a reply on here for quite some time but I'm commenting with the hopes of getting some kind of advice, comfort or opinion.

I have a 6 month old little boy. He sleeps pretty well but recently has been waking in the night and we've had to go in. Last night I was really tired before bed and laid down around 9:30. When I wake up in the mornings and didnt have to get up with my son, I'll always ask my husband if he had to get up with him so I know how he slept. This morning I asked my husband since I didnt get up with him and he told me I went in there around 12:50. I said are you SURE?? He said yes, he was crying so you went in there. I asked what I did? Rock him? Give him his paci? My husband said I dont know but you got him back to sleep.

I'm really wierded out by this because I know that sometimes when my son gets up repeatedly or when I'm super exhausted, we get frustrated easier. I dont want to wake up and comfort my son and not know what I'm doing OR remember even a hint of even getting up! Is this sleep walking? Do I need to see a Dr? I'm really worried about this.

Thank you!

Rachele's picture

Conversations in sleep

My sister and my boyfriend both say i talk in my sleep. Most times it is mummbled and they cant understand it. However, my boyfriend said that last night when he went to bed, i sat up and asked where he had been. He was trying to sleep and kept moving i guess so i sat up again and said stop moving for leave. I dont remember this at all. I dont know how many other times this has happened either. He said my eyes were open though. Is this a form of sleep walking?
Also, ever since i can remember, ive always had a problem with my legs moving in my sleep. Anyone who sleeps next to me gets kicked. I dont know of that is related or not...

Rachele's picture

Conversations in sleep

My boyfriend tells me that he has little conversations with me while im asleep. Last night,he said I sat up in bed and said to stop moving or get out of bed. He says my eyes were open. I dont remember this! Apparently i sit up in bed,and talk alot... Is this a form of sleep walking?
Also, ever since i can remember, ive always had a problem with my legs moving. Whoever sleeps with me always gets kicked in the night...i dont know if that is related.

Ash's picture

I have never been able to

I have never been able to sleep good in quite some time, but it seems to have gotten worse in the last few months to where im talking really bad in my sleep to where i wake my self up. ive also been sleep walking which i havent done that in years. i am waking up drenched in sweat i dont know if i am having a panick attack in my sleep or if im hot but i sleep with a box fan either so i dont see how i can get so hot. its getting to the point where i feel like my body is shutting down and i just dont have the energy or mtoivation to do anything anymore. i work 8-5 and by the time im off work all i wanna do is just go to sleep. i have no motivation at all. i have a problem falling asleep and staying asleep most night im up at least 4 times during that night or more. On my bad nights i wake up about every hour and some times cant go back to sleep. ive talked to my doctors about it and they just dotn really seem concearned but lateley i feel like im going to have a nervous break down. i just now started taking melontin pills to see if that will help me. i didn't know if any one had any ideas or suggestions i could you any advise just to stay asleep and actually feel good when i wake up

amy merinda's picture

only fall asleep sat up

hi my names Amy my son who is now 4 month old wont fall asleep laid down not even in my arms he has to be sat ether on my knee or in his bouncer i'm not sure if this means he has a problem but every time i try to get him to sleep laid in my arms he just screams at me until i sit him up also when he finally dose go sleep with in seconds of me laying him down weather it be on the sofa or in his cot he wakes up crying sometimes he doesn't even wake up he just lays there fast asleep but crying as though hes awake and the only way to get him to settle is to sit him on my knee and gently rock him dose this mean he has a sleep problem

Serendip Visitor's picture

Your baby


I was reading your post about your baby. I would def take him to his dr ASAP! If the baby was older and could form the habit of being with you to sleep I would think normal child behavior. If he only sleeps sitting up weather in your arms or a seat this doesn't sound like a sleep problem. Maybe the pressure of laying down is causing him pain. I would try and tip him upside down and see if he cries or screams. When my daughter was not old enough to speak and she would get frequent ear infections, I would tip her head downwards and she would scream everytime. This is how I knew she had an ear infection. Every time I did this little test we would go to the dr and sure enough ear infection. She got so many it was to the point they would just call her medicine in for me. The pressure from being tilted head first caused pain. Please go to his dr hopefully by now you have done so. I hope all is well with you and yours an that he is sleeping and feels better. Take care

Serendip Visitor Corri Rose's picture


I have episodes where someone will have told me something, I'll have had a discussion, or I carry out daily activities....and don't remember them. Is it possible that I'm in some stage of sleep?

I have severe pain from several surgeries, so don't have restorative sleep; I start out in bed...awaken with pain...move to my love seat...sleep there...awaken with pain....move to my couch where I can sleep on my sides.

I fall asleep while reading (within 5 min), watching TV or a movie...and while driving.

My doctor has tried all the meds for narcolepsy, and none of them work; she is currently looking for a SLEEP SPECIALIST...not just a clinic that runs sleep studies but doesn't know anything about daytime "sleepiness".

Another strange thing is, I don't FEEL sleepy...I just fall asleep.

Christmas day my son told me my little grandsons are in a wrestling match, and asked me if I'd like to go. I said, "Sure, if Mike (other son) can get off to drive me". I was very excited. (so I was told) Yesterday Mike said, "Tell Paul I was able to get the day off, and we'll be able to go to the wrestling match". I said, "WHAT wrestling match?" Then my son explained how I excitedly participated in the wrestling match.

I write myself notes...but the handwriting doesn't look like mine.

This is scary...and creepy. Does anyone have ANY thoughts???

Serendip Visitor's picture

Sounds like sleep apnea. You

Sounds like sleep apnea. You need a overnight sleep study. Good luck!!!

Serendip Visitor Corri Rose's picture

(I forgot)

I already had one sleep study; NO sleep apnea, but I do kick my legs every 30 seconds and never really fall into a deep sleep.

They're "working on" getting me into the U of Wisconsin Sleep Clinic for s sleep study...but I haven't heard from them....I'm thinking I'd better call.....

Serendip Visitor's picture

coherent while sleeping

my friend called me yesterday and we talked for over an that time he had breakfast, worked on the computer, etc. I talked to him today and he didn't remember any of it saying he didn't wake up until an hour or so after we talked. But while on the phone with him the previous day I wouldn't have known that he was asleep because of the conversation I had with him was perfectly normal. This isn't the first time this has happened. Kinda curious as to what is going on as well.

Serendip Visitor's picture

my girlfriend woke up and didnt know who i was

I was laying down with my girlfriend and she wasnt feeling well. She finally fell asleep and after about 30-45 mins later she woke up and just looked at me like i was some kind of stranger and was terrified she didnt try to run away but kind of ignored me and every time i tried to touch her she would through her self under the covers. she never said anything and just looked terrified. she eventually snapped out of it and was confused and had no idea or memory of her being awake and doing this.

Serendip Visitor's picture


I do this al the time!! I half wake up and I don't recognise my husband.... I think he is a stranger. Last night it happened again, I even went as far as tidying the bathroom and putting a top on so that a) they wouldn't think I was scruffy and b) do they wouldn't see me topless!! I just go back to sleep and if I wake up again I can recognise him and I can remember what happened as well!!

Jade's picture

woke up and didn't recognise my husband

Am so glad I'm not alone, thought I was going mental last night. I hadnt been very well and fell asleep on sofa. My daughter was in bed and my husband watching tv in armchair next to me. I had only been asleep about an hour and then i woke up and looked right at him and said where's Dad (which is a strange thing to say as i have no Dad). I think he thought i was still half asleep and thought i was talking to my daughter about where he was so he said don't u mean me, Rick. So i said yes wheres rick, has he gone to bed. I kept asking him where rick was even though I was looking right at him. I wasnt asleep as i remember everything i was saying. He looked a bit worried and said, babe I'm Rick. I then recognised him and burst into tears. How is it possible i didnt recognise my own husband. I wasnt asleep so i wasnt sleepwalking. I'm only 32 so don't have a degenerative illness. It really upset me

christina's picture

me too!

I have also been having the same sensation on and off for the past few years. I will wake up and jump out of bed with the feeling that my SO is a stranger or someone else inappropriate ( like a male relative) to be in the bed with me. (Disclaimer: I've never been abused or anything like that.). I usually get up and go to the couch. By the time I get downstairs I usually come back to reality. It's very odd, and the boyfriend seems to think I'm loosing it.

Serendip Guest's picture

Forgetful friend

the same thing just happened to me! my best friend was in my bed and she said "what happened" at about 5 in the morning (waking me up), and when I turned around she got scared and said "who are you?" that freaked me out and I sat up and just kept asking her "what?" followed by her calming down and saying "are you okay?" I said "do you know who I am," she said "yeah," and it wasn't even a minute later. She said she remembered not knowing who I was but didn't seem scared. I still can't sleep, I'm trying to figure out what happened because it was scary but she fell back asleep. we've only been asleep for a few hours, do you think she maybe sleep talked?

Penny's picture

talking in sleep


Looking for information about talking in my sleep.

My Boyfriend says my talking in my sleep is getting out of hand, to the point he is worried.

He says I am talking to up to an hour at a time, at which sometimes it is very loud, and,also a different voice, as if someone else is in the room talking to me.

Dose anyone know what causes this behavior?

I have no memory of anything..dreams or other wise.

I do not sleep well at all, I am always tired when I get up.

Seems as though my best sleep is between 7am to 10 or 11am.

I do take scripts to help me sleep and to stay asleep, plus meds for depression.

Have had a sleep test done, was told I have sleep apnea ,yet they never offered a sleep mask of any kind. They said I was an obnoxious snorer and removed my uvula and fixed my deviated septum.

I would appreciate any input.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Sleep walking

I have often slept walked and had rambling conversations with my eyes open without remembering it later. In one case turned all the lights on in a room without remembering it. Later i was told i had my eyes open during it. I don't really want to stop because it is kind of interesting to learm about what I've done while asleep. I would like to know what it means.

Mell's picture

dreaming before sleeping

I have something very weird. I go into rem sleep before actually going to sleep. Ive had this for over 2 years. I can only move my mouth to act out speech and my whole body goes heavy and sort of parylized. I can stay in this state for about 15-30 mins i come out of it then go back in and eventually i end up sleeping with no dreams during the night. This also can occur when i am sitting down. But it only happens when i am on my own. If I here a night the whole thing stops.

cassandra's picture

i use to have night terrors

i use to have night terrors when i was a child, and i still do, but i cant remember what they are....also, when i fall asleep i end up waking up sitting indianstile one my bed for more than 3 hours.... i don't know what causes it and i don't know how to fix it.... it freaks out everyone i know, and my fiance tells me that i can't be woken up and that i sleep with my eyes open sometimes while sitting up.... i dont know what to do!! please help

Serendip Visitor's picture

Your post about night terrors


I have some things to share with you concerning this experience.

I want to help you, and I truly believe that what I have to share with you will help you, if you are willing to listen and receive it. However, many people get turned off when religion and Jesus are mentioned.

Often times experiences like this are interlaced with pain in one's life, either emotional or physical. Is there something that you have been dealing with in these two areas of your life?

I am not going to jump on you and force religion down your throat if you do not want to hear about it, but, as I said, I have more to share with you, so if you are interested in hearing, please let me know. I can be reached via email at

I wish you the best

Serendip Visitor's picture

You are right to assume that

You are right to assume that people will be turned off by your message. The year was 2011 when you posted this nonsense- not 1611.. please drop the religious horseshit and join us in the real world.

wendy's picture

religion and sleeping

Im interested. So talk.

Serendip Visitor from AK's picture

sensitive to people around me when I am asleep

I don't know how active this site is currently but I read the article and it makes sense just don't know if anyone has any advice for me. I don't talk in my sleep. I don't act out my dreams. But what I have done and probably will still do is something that sometimes frightens me and sometimes makes me think it may be a good thing. I just want help in controlling it, harnessing it if you will. I protect my self when I sleep.
Now, that sounds good if I'm being attacked but never have been. Here are only two examples:
When my son was asleep and I was rocking him as a baby. I was starting to nod off too. Next I knew, I had pushed back the foot stool, my legs extended, swung my son on my left side while simultaneously swinging up my right arm in front of me. Apparently my husband came home early and was "just gonna lean in for a kiss on us looking so sweet". But he moved fast enough back, barely, I missed him with my right fist. I never knew I moved until he said something and i forced my eyes open.
And more recently. My husband has been deployed for 6 months (new to Army) and he came home for 2 weeks. During that time he did something similar. Leaned in for a kiss (standing above me next to the bed) and this time all I remember was feeling and hearing a click. Apparently I actually connected with his jaw, but the click woke me enough that I never followed through with the punch. And this time it was my left arm swinging. (I was laying on my right side)
So here is my question. And to answer anything now, no i have not been physically or mentally abused by my husband ever! and never physically abused when growing up. I am 33 yrs old now and this has been happening since probably my early 20's. Any ideas on what this is and how I can convince myself to recognize who it is and if they are a threat before I actually swing? I have never been in a real fight in my life so throwing "perfect punches" is confusing me and my reactions. I have learned however, in the flight vs fight, I apparently am a fight..... suggestions on this would be appreciated.

Melody's picture


Hi. I have read all of your posts above about the problems you have had during sleeping. Speaking in tounges, shaking, kicking, hitting, talking, walking etc. You are not crazy, you are not possesed by an evil spirit. During my life beginning as a teenager and until today at age 50 I have experienced several of these symptoms. Not every night, not every week but off and on during my life. Do you know what I think the problem is? Possibly a combination of hormone changes in the body, STRESS and WORRY and vitamin deficiency. As I reflect on the times I have had the scariest dreams, it was during times in my life that something stressful was happening such as a divorce, moved to a new city, started a new job, break up with a boyfriend, an argument with a family member, also great amount of weird things happened at night during puberty an again during menopause stages. I started taking vitamins and minerals every day and I have had no more bad dreams except for the nights that I watched a scary movie before going to bed. So take your vitamins, if you must watch tv before going to bed then watch a comedy, if you are in the middle of a divorce, job change or a move please find ways to relax (Yoga?) and don't worry so much. Everything will be just fine.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Thinking while sleeping

I think while sleeping as I am awake. When I wake up I feel tired. I have been in this situation for quite lone time.

Do you recommend something ?


rita's picture


serious cronic many years taking toll on health need immidiate hypnosis - can u rec someone?

kittdee (pronounced kitty)'s picture

i have a problem! Please help.

Sometimes when I go to sleep my boyfriend tells me that he will wake me up. He says that I am able to talk and move, and be aware of what he is telling me and be able to respond to him just like i was awake, but in the morning I don't remember anything? I havnt got up or walked around in my sleep...yet...but I might??? Im just wondering what might this possibly be??

NewJersey8's picture

Hey if it makes you feel any

Hey if it makes you feel any better i have the same thing happen. Except im a guy and my girlfriend has noticed. I dont think you have to be scared about it just have fun with it. I know you havent walked yet but my girlfriend can get me to dance with her while im asleep if she tries hard enough. Im a terrible dancer as it is and apparently in my sleep its just funny. Have your boyfriend wake you up while youre walking or in a conversation or something. Thats always really funny. I dont think its anything to be worried about.

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